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15 Savvy Gift Ideas for The Budget Traveler

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

Most travelers need lightweight, portable, easy to use and carry devices/objects when traveling. Budget travelers need all this at minimum as we prefer to pay for the least amount of bags as possible. The more compact the better! Check out these 15 savvy gift ideas to get for the budget traveler.

1. Portable charger

-This can save your friend/family and their electronics when they need GPS access or battery juice to make that "i made it" call after their 20hr flight

2. Travel adapter

-Many wall outlets are different in other countries. Travel adapters are compatible ports that convert to charge several devices at once in more than 100+ countries.

3. Portable hotspot

-This pocket size hotspot helps keep you connected to the internet anywhere in the world without the added fees or unsecure connections.

4. Noise Canceling Headphones/Mini-Speakers

-They are probably using the headphones that came with their smartphone. However, when traveling, a good quality compact set of headphones/speakers is great to help zone out on those homesick days.

5. High-Tech Camera

-They are likely capturing everything on their smartphone or cheap throw away camera. Give the gift to help them capture everything with a professional set of eyes. After all, you do want to see the good, bad and the ugly vacation pictures.

6. Travel Scratch Map

-Contribute to their decorative, artsy side and provide a way for them to track their travels and add color to each experience.

7. Luggage Locks

-Great safety fix to secure items in hotel rooms, lockers and hostels to prevent theft.

8. Packing Cubes

-Probably thee #1 gift for the carry-on only traveler. Packing cubes are the best way to pack and fit everything you need in one bag. (Highly Recommended for the Ladies)

9. Selfie Stick

-We know our friends and family do it for us but they also have to 'do it for the gram'. Selfie sticks are the best way to snap that insta-worthy shot without help of others. (Great Gift Options for Solo Travelers)

10. Travel Size Tripod

-Small, sturdy tripod to bring out the photographer in everyone (perfect for solo travel)

11. Theftproof scarf

-For the Ladies: This lightweight, stylish scarf can be worn with any outfit and has secret compartments that hold all identifying documents while abroad.

12. Travel Neck Pillow

-Travel and Sleep hardly ever go together. This pillow is designed for comfort, functionality and storage to help get your travel partner through those long flights or overnight layovers.

13. Facial Brush

-Everyone wants to look flawless in their vaca pics. Give a facial brush for those days when their skin is not acting right in this new sun and dysfunctional weather.

14. Customized Travel Piggy Bank

-Everybody could use a helping way to make every penny count! Try customizing a piggy bank for their next travel destination.

15. Gift Cards

-Any funding helps! Airlines, Hotels, Airbnb, Cruise Lines, Uber, Vacation Packages, etc..

Any gift ideas you can think of to give your travel spirit on their next vacation? Anything you received that helped tremendously on or before your travels? Share them below!

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