• Teelesia Martin

20 Signs You Need a Vacation

Dear Stress,

Let’s Break Up!!!

Unfortunately, so many people work so hard and want so much that they forget to live. Life becomes routine and days turn into weeks, months and years, all while you are under tanned, underfed and on the verge of being diagnosed legally insane. There are also those who are lucky enough to receive paid time off but often forego it because they feel guilty about leaving the workload on coworkers or having too much to do upon return. Let me tell you, that work will be there and those coworkers will be fine! Don’t let your stress ruin your success! After all, nothing will be productive if you aren’t.

Since it’s often hard to solve your own problems, yet you manage to therapeutically solve others, let me help you decipher the signs that you need to take a break, NOW:

  1. You've been irresponsibly drinking a lot more than normal

  2. You’re offering to buy your friends drinks so you won’t be inebriated alone

  3. You do not remember the password to your frequent flier account

  4. You didn’t even know you had a frequent flier account

  5. You've never been out of state, or radius of the home, office and grandma’s house

  6. You’d give anything for a moment of silence and no Wi-Fi

  7. You’re desire for overtime is not as strong as your desire to be absent

  8. You spend hours scrolling through throwback vacation pics and it's not Thursday

  9. You despise and unfollow people on social media who are constantly on vacation

  10. You just got an unexpected bonus or lump sum of money

  11. You eat tons of International foods to pretend you're actually there

  12. You've never used your passport

  13. Your neighborhood pool is starting to resemble and feel like your bathtub

  14. You and your bucket list are collecting dust

  15. You got new luggage and it’s collecting dust

  16. You set your car to cruise control so you can feel like your floating freely

  17. You watch the travel channel and all other travel shows more than the news

  18. You've recently lost weight and need a reason to show off that new bikini/6-pack

  19. Your PTO is stacked up and your coworkers think you have no life

  20. You have no actual life

If any of these are you, relax this weekend, pick an affordable vacation destination, find your luggage, go to work Monday and put in PTO (or call out when the times comes), start saving money, start slowly packing and GO, in that order. GET OUT OF THAT FUNK! Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a bit, including you! Vacation is essential to the soul. It re-energizes your mental and emotional well-being and helps you refocus on you, your family, friends and personal hobbies. In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.

Monitor your margarita more than your cell phone!!!!

Where do you plan on going? Don't leave me hanging, I wanna come with!!

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