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2019 Travel Goals for Newbies

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

Are you inspired by travel but not sure how to get your foot out the door? Do you assume it's gonna cost you too much money or you'll have to take a lot of time off work? These are all normal emotions and assumptions from newbie travelers. However, if you can't beat em’, join em’! Set some goals for yourself in this new year! Stop living your life vicariously through people's Insta travel gram and Facebook live stories. Get Up, Get Out and Do Something! Check out these 5 Goals every newbie traveler should have on their goal list and vision board.

Go on a Road Trip

Many people don’t venture outside their hometown or they think you’re not really travelling unless you hop on a plane or fly across water. Who said? Traveling is whatever you make it! For example, if you live in New Jersey, head to New York City and see the bright lights, eat your way through Philly and find the best cheesesteak, take a road trip down to DC and stomp on Trump’s grounds, take a quick beach vaca to Virginia Beach, just a slew of options, all within driving distance. For residents in humongous states like California, have you seen every major city in your state? Why not? When I first moved to TX, I said this is the perfect time to see Houston, Austin, Dallas and San Antonio! That’s 3 vacations plus the bonus where you live, all within driving distance and only requiring hotel money. You may just have the vacation of a lifetime, on a budget! We gon’ save dat’ money!

Go Somewhere You’ve Never Been

I think everyone should always make the decision to experience something you’ve never experienced before. For starters, go somewhere you’ve never been. Doesn’t have to be far, just different. Don’t be afraid, break away from the fear and step out of your comfort zone. Don’t let someone else’s travel goals and experiences determine how fast you move or where you go. At the end of the day, love the life YOU live. Just think, what will you tell your kids? Where have you been? What culture has influenced you most? What beach was the prettiest? Which old town made you feel medieval? You’ll never know if you never go! I recommend goal setting to do this at least every other month. You don’t even have to stay overnight every time, plan some day trips.

Extend Your Weekends

If you find yourself stressed out at work, not taking days off because you’re such a good employee, ditch that this year. Work will be there! If you have the time, take it! Stop letting life pass you by from a cubicle while you pay for your managers Insta travel gram pics that you love to hate so much. “Maybe if he paid me more money I could do that too but.….” LOL we all say it at some point. Cut back the partying or Netflix and chilling on your weekends or days off, consider extending it for a new reason. Use that PTO wisely or exploit that free holiday off and capture some moments in a neighboring city/state. Catch a flight somewhere close and explore a new region for a few days. Remember that restaurant you saw on Diners Dives and Drives that you wanted to visit?? Well, GO! And look, if you like partying and bar hopping, that’s still an option, but how about doing it in a new city this time? Forget partying with that same crowd you see every other weekend. Branch out and party around. Never know the people you’ll meet and places you’ll go. Grab your backpack and best dress and get moving!

Be a Compulsive Buyer

You know how sometimes you tell yourself “just because it’s on sale doesn’t mean you need it”? Well, forget that in regards to traveling this year. Take advantage of that great deal that was emailed to you from that airfare subscription service that you accidentally signed up for. Or the next time you’re bargain hunting on Groupon, check out the getaways section, you can snag a great deal there!

Get a Passport

When the time comes, you don’t wanna have to get ready, you should already be ready! If you don’t already have a passport, Get One! You are missing out on experiences of a lifetime. When you go on vacation, you don’t just visit a city, you visit an entire culture. International trips are not always the best first option for newbie travelers but if you’re an adventurer who’s ready to jump all in, you never know where life may take you. I can tell you it won’t be far without a passport. I’m just saying!

In 2019, declare to make this year be about experiences rather than things! Be specific with your goals and intentional with your actions. Feed your heart and soul!! Don’t forget your stomach though. Lol. See you around ✌️

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