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5 Easy Tips for Cheap Travel

1. Pack Light

Many airlines charge extra fees for checked baggage. And if you haven’t been watching travel news, many airlines baggage fees increased about $5 or so per bag, in 2018. If you’re not flying with an airline or fare type that includes a free checked bag, leave it home! You probably won’t need 800 pair of socks for your weekend trip anyways. To be honest, it’s less stress to, less baggage means faster movement and more ways to carry other things (food). Pack your Carry-On Only and Go!

2. Travel during low season

Many people think about their holiday schedule or planning trips right around already scheduled days off, don’t do this unless necessary! Travelling around major holidays and spring/summer break is considered peak season, usually a lot more expensive no matter how early you plan. If you can, try planning trips during off season. Catch the winter sale and experience a place in a different climate than you may have considered before.

3. Depart/Arrive at nearby airports

Looking to hit Washington, DC for a weekend of fun? Yeah, you can fly into Reagan because that’s the obvious airport of DC and maybe closest to your destination, so you think. Guess what, Ronald Reagan airport is actually in Virginia, on the outskirts of DC, they played you. And so is BWI, which is Baltimore Washington International, about 45 mins out and usually cheaper to fly into. There is also IAD Dulles Airport which is a straight train line away from center city DC, although, IAD usually houses the most expensive flights for the area. Always search nearby airports for super savings!

4. Combine Activities/Attractions

Everywhere in the world has a place, or two, or twenty, that you “must see”. Consider buying attraction packages for a combination of places at a cheaper rate and spend the rest of your time doing free activities and seeing free places. Research discount/free days before arriving. Many big cities have free museum days, cheap movie days, discounted food days, etc. When you know better, you do better!

5. When in Rome…

Do as the Romans do! Ditch your fancy guidebooks and google hotspots and take a trip down the beaten path. Ask your airbnb host or hotel concierge where the locals get the best pasta and burgers or which club has the best music and prices. Many areas targeted towards tourists will run your pockets but if you live like a local, you are guaranteed to find the true value in a culture and stick closely to your budget. The outcome is more rewarding this way!

Got any tips that help you save a ton of money when travelling or planning for travel? Share them with us below. Each One Teach One :)

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