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5 Reasons to Travel During Holiday Season

Gift Experiences

My Goal Every Year: Spend less money on things and more money on experiences.

The holiday is a time to catch up with friends, create traditions with family and spend ALL YOUR MONEY…. NO! Let’s not do that this year. Try taking some of that “gift” budget money and gifting a loved one a trip of a lifetime or a weekend getaway a few states away. Then you won’t have to ponder on things they may like but never use. The experiences you will share and memories you will create will last a lot longer than those awesome Bath & Body Works candles.

Escape the Weather

We all love the idea of a White Christmas but have you ever experienced opening gifts on a beach with a Mai Tai in one hand and sunscreen in the other? This is the perfect time to get away for those of us who live in the cold weather parts of the world. I grew up there, I ain’t going back! Lol Take this time to explore the Caribbean. Check out Mexico, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Aruba or any of the US Virgin Islands for the passport-less gang 👀 (I see your New Year's resolution loading.......)

Forget Holiday Shopping

Let’s be honest, wouldn’t you rather skip the crazy lines in the mall or the “sold out” online notifications all season? I’m even sick of the “in-store pickup” that’s not convenient during the season because everybody is using it. There’s still a line 🙄 I’d definitely rather chill on the beach or stroll through a new city learning about the traditions and cultures of other people.


We are in the last days!! Lol No seriously. These are the last days of the year and mental health is real. This is the perfect time to destress, declutter, unwind and evaluate your year past and year ahead. Everybody needs an off switch and silent ringtone sometimes. Get away from the worries of work, bills and which family member will be mad at you this week. Leave the iPad at home and don’t buy the wifi. Just sit in solace and find your peace! Whether that be with self or family and friends ❤️

Be Inspired

Travel is an inspiration for many. You should take at least one moment per year to do something you’ve never done, eat something you’ve never ate and see something you’ve never saw. Appreciate the life you have been given. Go experience it today. It’s so much world to see and people to meet. You might find a new version of yourself out there while you’re at it.

Happy Holiday Season 🎄🎁🌍

~From Budget Behavior

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