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5 Things to Do When You Check-In Your Hotel Room

We all love to show up, after a long day of traveling, breeze thru the check in process and plop on the big plush bed with the remote and room service menu in hand. Vacation mode has begun! However, there are a few necessary things you should do every time you check into your hotel room. These quick checkups can save you from a trip to the local drugstore, hospital or morgue.

1. Assess the Neighborhood

Many of us travel based on “location, location, location”. However, safety is far more important than convenience. You may very well be walking distance to that local shop you want to visit or that bar you wanna check out but it won’t serve you if you never make it there. When you arrive to your hotel, be sure to look around, scout the area, check for public transportation access, people watch. If anything seems sketchy, it may be best to cancel your reservation and book elsewhere rather than end up risking your life.

2. Check for Uninvited Guests

This cute face is a guest I would love to have, although uninvited. Seriously though, bed bugs are the quiet friendly creatures you should be looking for. They have become live-in sitters in many hotels and accommodations across the nation. This applies to low budget rooms all the way to 5 star hotel suites. It’s not always about the hotel cleanliness, sometimes it comes from previous guests. Be sure to pull back towels, sheets and cover to check for bed bugs and any other insects, rodents or creatures before unpacking your belongings.

3. Sanitize the Place

Did you know the light switches, glasses, ice bucket and remote control are the dirtiest things in a hotel room? You should always bring disinfecting wipes to wipe down these areas before you touch them. If you forget to pack that, soak a face cloth in the sink with hot water and soap and use that to clean the germy areas. Make sure the hotel provides liners (without holes) for the ice buckets, use them! When you get breakfast in the morning, take a few extra plastic cups back to your room. These usually come fresh out the pack and are a lot cleaner than the glasses in your room.

4. Check for Stocked Fridge Price list

Many hotels offer stocked fridges but gently remind you that it comes at a price. They may have a price list available in your room or they may just whisper “there is a separate charge that will be collected upon checkout for items used in the fridge”, hoping you’re deaf as an octopus. LOL you did know Octopus were deaf right? Learn something new every day!

5. Check for Hidden Cameras

So this trend is more common in Airbnb’s but a few hotels have been exposed for having hidden cameras. Sometimes it’s not the hotel staff that place them, it can be creepy past guests who may have decided their vacation isn’t over yet. Just be sure to look for noticeably odd placed pictures or decorations and the obvious red lights or excessive wires. I’ve never had this problem (I don’t think) but I’ve heard horror stories.

Don’t be an extreme worry freak when you travel but always be aware of yourself and your surroundings when experiencing anything new. Hotel rooms are visited by thousands of people a year, protect yourself, your safety, your health and your wallet!

Do you have any "must-do's" when you arrive to your hotel? Share your technique for a comfortable stay.

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