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5 Ways to Save When Dining Out

Updated: May 8, 2018

If you could eat out every day, for every meal, without getting fat or going broke, you probably would right? Well, you’re not alone! So, it’s the weekend, you’ve cooked all week, and now you just want a break from the kitchen, but you’re hungry, and pinching pennies as bills control your life. Who wouldn’t enjoy an easy edible night out? The luxury of dressing up, going out, enjoying the atmosphere, sitting at a clean table, browsing a vast array of food options, drinking from a glass that never empties, enjoying the flavors that you can’t even pronounce, and being served like royalty. But as usual, it comes with a price!

Don’t fret! There is a solution.

1. Break Bread

Shop around, visit the restaurants that offer freebie appetizers. A lot of restaurants offer/provide bread as you wait on your meal. These offerings usually come almost immediately. Gives you and your party the opportunity to fill up on bread before you’ve had the chance to decide on food. Give us this day, our daily bread!

2. Skip Appetizers

Since you’re already getting freebie stuff before your meal, don’t waste your money on appetizers (unless this will be your meal). Splurge on your main course. You’ll probably have leftovers after kindly accepting the offer for a bread refill.

3. Time Change

If you have a flexible stomach, try going to that fancy restaurant during happy hour or lunch. They will most likely have specials on drinks and food. You can order more for less!

4. Drink Water

Let’s face it, the doctors and ig fitness models swear by water as the #1 way to a healthy lifestyle. It can’t be that bad! And it’s FREE! Easy on the wallet and the waistline. Use this dining out time to indulge on food, you can get soda/juice anywhere. (If it’s happy hour, I suggest an alcoholic beverage or 2)

5. Share

If you are that person who asks for a to-go box 75% of the time, consider ordering a meal to share, that is, if you’re with a willing participant. This will cut the bill in half. Chances are, if you’ve already filled up on bread and butter, you won’t eat a full entrée on your own anyways.

Got any tips you use to save money when dining out? Share them with your favorite Budget Community below.

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