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6 Tips to Finding Good Food on Vacation

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

1. Culinary Walking Tours

Usually these tours are guided by someone who speaks the same language as you. This gives you a chance to sample popular dishes to that region, while learning about their background and how to read the menu, sometimes teaching you food etiquette as well. These guides are also usually locals and natives of the town, which means you can pick their brain for more exclusive food choices and restaurant options.

2. Follow the long lines

In most cases, we hate long lines, traffic jams and large crowds .However, if you’re on vacation, what is time? Go where the long lines are, listen to the orders people are placing, look at the plates as they pass you, point to what you want if they don’t speak your language, you’ll probably have the best experience and even better food. Like they say, “When in Rome………. (even when you're not in Rome)

3. Eat the Street Food

Street food is usually the cheapest, tastiest option. Be careful to watch how it’s prepared though. Cleanliness is not always accessible in the wild. Again, go where the lines go, hit up the carts that always run out of something (be early though). You may use your hands more and look like a starving animal but you don't need a silver fork to eat good food. Immerse yourself into the experience!

4. Travel Outside the Tourist Area

In many places, the tourist areas have the obvious traditional eats and exorbitant prices. Who wants a cheeseburger on vacation when you have that at home? (I do but that’s beside the point) We want to try new foods and taste the culture of the region. Catch a local bus or Uber to a safe destination outside the tourist perimeter. You will likely experience the “real” food that makes this place feel like home.

5. Follow Food Bloggers in Your Destination

When planning your trip, hop on social media and search the hashtags and food groups for food in your destination. Find the tastemakers who hunt for the best restaurants in the area. You will likely learn about the hole in the wall cafes with the best sandwiches or the places outside the city center that offer more affordable options. And who knows, you just might make a foodie buddy to explore more of the city with upon your arrival.

6. Do Ground Research

Talk to the people on the ground when you arrive. Ask the Uber drivers and hotel concierge where they recommend. When you walk by that guy/girl staring and drooling, greet them and ask where is the best noodle bar or pizza café in the area. The locals are the best city guides you could have, and they’re at your fingertips. Immerse yourself and learn from the culture!

Traveling and finding good food can be hard when you're trying to do it all at once, especially when you're not lounging on an all-inclusive resort with all the options and assistance at your feet. But, you gotta eat! As long as you remain open-minded and insist on trying new things, you'll be fine! To be honest, I've found better food choices when I've taken the steps above. Nobody wants to hear the fake reviews online or read the hotel guidebooks about all the "touristy" places to eat. No, i want to meet Grandma in another country! If you've been trippin' and sippin' with me for a while, you know how I feel about Grandma's cooking! I'm just saying 🔥🔥🔥

How do you find good eats while on vacation? Any tips for the tribe?

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