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7 Ways to Enjoy Travel During Quarantine

Though staying home is an absolute must right now, I know all my travel craze people are struggling to stay indoors and subdue those urges to hop on these ridiculously cheap flight deals and go travel crazy. Especially when we are all about budget behavior here. And let’s be honest, Netflix and chill gets old and it cures nothing. How about some creative ways to explore the world right from your couch? For all we know, this might be the new normal for a while 😞 Let’s hope not!

1. Check Out Some Virtual Tours:

  • New York Metropolitan Opera- The up close and personal encore performances at the “Nightly Met Opera Streams” beginning at 7:30 p.m. each night (https://www.metopera.org/)

  • Washington, DC- Enjoy views of the most visited attraction in DC, the Chery Blossoms. Come get a glimpse of hope, love, peace and renewal. (https://nationalmall.org/bloomcam)

2. Learn Some New International Dance Styles

Strap on your dancing shoes and checkout some online dance classes/tutorials. Youtube is a great start if you want to learn how to salsa, bachata, tango, hip-hop and just about any other beginner level dance style. You can also see the live happening in Puerto Rico at the @discoverpuertorico Instagram and facebook pages. They provide weekly entertainment, including virtual dance classes and salsa lessons from judges of the World Salsa Championships.

3. Visit St Lucia

The Saint Lucia Tourism Authority is airing a weekly mini-series of virtual vacation in Saint Lucia. From yoga and meditation on the beach to locally produced rum making and cooking with local chefs. Watch the live broadcast from their social media channels @travelsaintlucia.

4. See the World at Home

The World at Home is bringing you live, interactive opportunities to travel the globe and experience different activities, tours and attractions, right from your couch. (https://www.getyourguide.com/magazine/the-world-at-home/)

5. Cook-up Some International Cuisine

Try your hand at infusing your foods with more International flavors. If you love Jerk chicken from Jamaica or crêpes from France, look up some recipes and chef it out. Even if you’ve never been to those countries, try duplicating one of their traditional dishes right from your own kitchen. There are several FREE online culinary cooking classes. I'm currently stuck to the 'Ultimate Cookery Course' from my favorite chef, Chef Gordon Ramsay, FREE on Youtube and Tastemade's collection of quick food preparing videos on Instagram. Definitely 2 great places for food lovers to indulge.

6. Learn a New Language

Love the French culture or want to discover more about your African roots? Since we can’t focus on being in another country right now, we can focus on learning the language in preparation for our next trip. Let’s help break down some of those language barriers we often run into during our travels. There are tons of FREE sources for foreign language learning.

7. Interact with the Travel Community

Check out some new travel podcasts where you can interact more with the travel community and find something that motivates you. They discuss all variations of topics from ways to find cheap accommodations to traveling with your partner. You are sure to find something fun and calming, to settle your spirits throughout quarantine. I'm currently watching Flirtingwithtravel, Yeardisrupted, MillenialThoughtsPod and Travelandturnup.

You can also download the Google Arts & Culture mobile app for so many more fun, exciting and adventurous ways to explore the world during quarantine.

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Stay Home, Stay Happy, Stay Safe!! ❤️

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