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Canoe 📍Atlanta, GA

The title of this place makes you think of eating on the water. Well, close enough. Canoe is a farm-to-table restaurant, serving only fresh, locally grown and sustainable ingredients, overlooking Chattahoochee River, 20mins North of Downtown Atlanta. They were named in the Top 100 Best Restaurants in America by OpenTable. That was enough for me to give it a shot. In plus, the pictures and reviews are outstanding. The prices are slightly higher than budget behavior usually allows due to the plate size, but the added experience, outdoor bar, live music and nightly specials make it worth a try.

The Atmosphere:

This restaurant is picture perfect. Eating here, you’re steps away from the riverfront and surrounded by the landscape, a garden scene with fresh colorful flowers, curvy walkways and earthly scents. The environment is pretty casual to dressy. It is more of a special event/celebration atmosphere, with a sophisticated ambience. The tone is very dimly lit, woodwork architecture, dark colors indoors and romantic vibes outdoors. Upon entry, you are greeted with a warm welcome and option to sit inside or outside. I recommend sitting outside to admire the greenery. Once done eating, follow the path through the garden, walk off that random kangaroo you just ordered and ate. Yes I said kangaroo. Let’s talk about the food.

The Food:

Plate date anyone? Canoe literally floated in with their ‘A’ game. If you want to try a new exotic game meat (wild animals and birds), this is definitely the place to indulge. The menu offers ranges from duck, rabbit and kangaroo to octopus and baby quail. I love foodie adventures but I’m often afraid to try the strange, unfamiliar options, without a little fuel to my ego. Make sure you bring some gas! Nevertheless, once you take that first bite, you’ll be happy you did. The kangaroo is a gamey meat with a beef and chicken mixed taste, but leaner. They eat grass and greenery in the wild so it’s mainly organic, low in saturated fats, low in cholesterol, high in protein and full of iron. Sounded healthy to me! The taste is rich and tender, best melt in your mouth steak type quality meat ever. It was peppercorn crusted and came with perfectly cooked snap peas for about $16. They pour a rich gravy on top when they bring it to the table to add that touch of finesse. And to top it off, the chef is Australian. This is one of Canoe’s best dishes. There are several others to try. Be sure to ask about portion size as some options are a lot smaller than others. The kangaroo dish is technically an appetizer but I ordered it as my entrée, along with the initial order and re-order of the free bread. Great way to save! The main entrée plates range from about $20-30 each.

The Service:

The staff at Canoe is similar to a well-oiled machine. They are very attentive and personable. You feel like the server is literally your server alone, no one else. They offer wine pairing options, side dish comparison and several other knowledgeable options when eating here. They all work together for the good of the customer. I recommend reservations as this place can get busy and the outdoor patio is the popular seat. The wait can get crazy but if you’re celebrating, just wait it out!

Next time you’re in Atlanta, Float down to Canoe!

Have you ever tried any exotic meat? What was your experience? Tell us about it below.

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