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Cheap Eats: Baltimore, MD

Updated: Sep 13, 2018

Just because we want cheap doesn't mean we want McDonalds, i know i don't. I can be childish, but not that childish. There are many restaurants serving great food, real food, at a low price. You just have to get out in the neighborhood and try them out! The best spot is probably that corner store where somebody's grandma is cookin in the kitchen ready to turn your world upside down. Don't walk by, go holla at Grandma! Check out these Cheap Eats in Baltimore, MD next time you're around.

Helmand Kabobi Cafe

The best Afghan food in all of Baltimore. Appetizers range from $5-6 while soup bowls and wraps range from $5-10. They even serve vegetarian dishes for the softhearted. The Mushroom Lawand and Vegetarian bowl are amazing. I tried these while becoming a part-time vegan. Don’t Judge Me! Lol.

This restaurant is open until 8pm weekdays.

Mo’s Seafood

A seafood staple in Baltimore with 4 locations spread across the region. The tab can get high because, well, it’s seafood. I recommend going for happy hour where you can get anything from buffalo shrimp and fish tacos to lamb gyros and steamed clams all for $6 each. Before heading out, you must order the Soft Shell Crab Po’Boy. Louisiana isn’t the only place that does Seafood right!

This restaurant is open until midnight daily.

XS Sushi

Sushi Cocktail bar in Downtown Baltimore. This is the place to go for Sushi style Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget. It’s 4 floors of experience! The sushi can be ordered by piece or as a roll. All ingredients are freshly made in house and the customer service is always top notch. They also sell a few out of the ordinary things like breakfast sandwiches, Kobe Burgers, Pad Thai and Grilled cheeses. Put ya good dress on, this is a perfect date night spot or girls cocktail night out!

This restaurant is open until 10 pm weekdays and midnight on weekends.


The prices are in between reasonable and no thank you depending on what you order. However, this is a true restaurant so they serve anything from all day breakfast and cheap sandwiches to T-bone steaks and stuffed salmon. I have never had a bad dish at this place. The service is always fast and friendly and the table space is big enough to study/work and eat, I’m just tryna help a starving college student today!

This restaurant is open until 4am weekdays and 24hrs on weekends.


Old style Greek restaurant serving $6 stuffed pitas and the best lemon sprayed calamari a girl could ask for. The kabob skewers and Greek version Italian pastas are always fresh and cooked up in some homemade grandma put together sauce. Well worth the visit! This restaurant is open until 9pm weekdays.

Never on Sunday

Best Greek restaurant in Baltimore, in the Mt Vernon area. The $5 homemade Tzatziki with pita is the best I’ve ever had. The $5 Chicken Souvlaki Skewer Stick, charbroiled in lemon and oregano is nothing short of amazing! $6 Fried Zucchini with ranch is their popular appetizer.

This restaurant is open until 11pm weekdays and 3am on weekends.

Chap’s Pit Beef

Best pit beef joint serving BBQ anything. Turkey, Pork, Corned Beef, Roast Beef, Ham, Chicken, just meat, meat and more meat! Everything is juicy, all the sandwiches are packed with food and flavor, service is quick and this is hands down the best pulled BBQ and pit sandwiches in Bmore. This restaurant was featured on Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. If he loves it, you know it's good!

This restaurant is open until 10pm weekdays and 11pm weekends.

Sip & Bite

One of Thee Best Crab Cakes in Baltimore, and I don’t even like crab cakes. Right in the heart of the Canton neighborhood, Sip & Bite makes everything on the menu homemade from scratch and you can taste the love. No fillers or added ingredients to boost flavors, everything is naturally tasty. For brunch, try the Monte Cristo French Toast. Who would’ve thought to take a regular deli sandwich and throw it on cinnamon glazed french toast, covered in powdered sugar and fresh strawberries? They did and it’s “smack yo mama” good. Probably shouldn’t slap yo mama though, I’m just sayin! This restaurant was also featured on Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.

This restaurant is open 24 hrs.

Carry Outs:

Shareef’s House of Wraps

Black Owned carryout selling any and every thing halal, providing healthy alternatives to the standard carry out menu. You can get any ingredient in a $8-12 wrap or on a hefty $10-20 platter, with homemade saffron rice and special sauce. You can’t go wrong here! Comfy atmosphere and excellent customer service.

This restaurant is open until 9pm weekdays.

Hopkins Deli

Neighborhood corner store shop serving deli sandwiches, hoagies, pasta, burgers, wings and too die for pizza. The $12 Vampire Slayer is a basil pizza with several vegetable toppings and alfredo sauce. The Food Gods really showed out on this one! Add more crazy to your palate, they serve an exotic seafood quesadilla for about $10. What’s that right? Shrimp, homemade crab dip and remoulade sauce stuffed between a grilled flour tortilla. Don’t ask, just go and order it, Thank Me Later!

This restaurant is open until 11pm daily.


Small, neighborhood carryout in Northwood Plaza by Morgan State University. This is thee best, cheap, wing and sub spot in Baltimore (I’m bias because I am a Morgan State University Alumni and this carryout joint was walking distance and got me through many broke college student days). Ask for a “chicken box” if you don’t want to look like an out of towner. This is the staple of Black Baltimore! Don’t come here if you are on any type of diet as nothing is fat free, vegetarian or farm to table. The customer service is always great and they are always out serving the community.

This restaurant is open until 8pm weekdays.

University Market

Small corner convenience store, mini grocery market near John Hopkins University serving late night snacks and small meals at cheap, broke college student prices. This place can get crowded with students on the weekends or late nights. Partying and studying can be a killer on an empty stomach! I’ve had my share. Nope! Lol.

This market is open 24hrs.

What's your favorite cheap food to eat when you're on a budget? I'm sure Bmore has something you like or would love to try! Share your technique of finding cheap eats when you're strapped for cash.

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