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Chip's Old Fashioned Burgers 📍Plano, TX

This family friendly down home style restaurant has got to be the best burger spot North of Dallas. The Plano location is at the Boardwalk at Granite Park, on the waterfront, surrounded by several artsy, eclectic bars and restaurants you’re for sure to love. This restaurant was inducted into the Dallas Burger Joint Hall of Fame. Bring the dog and the kids for a foodie adventure to find out why!

The Atmosphere:

Chip's is a counter to table, open patio concept, right on the waterfront. Deck chairs and loungers are available if you need to wait for a table or just sit out and enjoy the water, good music and good vibes. The view across the water is the beautiful Hilton Hotel at Granite Park. Inside, you feel like you’re walking into a southern BBQ shack with the checkered red and white table cloths and brick artwork. The front entry holds a wrap-around indoor/outdoor bar open to the boardwalk, and leads toward the register. Once closer, you see the huge menu on the wall, very welcoming and overwhelming at the same time. Can you say customizable? Literally everything you order can be customized to your liking. There is something here for everyone! Pick 3+ items from the menu, just because, then greet the cashier, place an order and pick a table.

The Food:

BURGERS!!! All the meat here is served fresh and cooked to perfection medium well, or any way you like it as requested. However, they also serve portobello, veggie and tuna burgers for those of you 100% veganites or dieters who can’t stand the sight of us foodies devouring meat! I am a part time vegetarian, for my personal health and sanity purposes, don’t judge me! However, I cannot let that be the 1st thing I try during my 1st visit. NO! You can also pick from a ridiculously large amount of toppings, including fried egg, fried green tomatoes, fried pickles, mushrooms, guacamole, jalapenos, chili, bacon, fried poblano peppers, and so on and so on, into fat heaven! Top it all off with poppy seed, wheat, white or lettuce buns. I ordered the chili, fried egg (my secret weapon) and jalapenos on a ½ lb burger. This dirty, juicy, perfectly seasoned burger literally sank into my heart. The way the toppings slid through my fingers and onto my shirt was nothing short of amazing and worth every spill, like an added accessory. Now, the sidepiece potatoes, options from Sweet potato and roasted garlic to loaded fries or chili and cheese. I recommend the Roasted Garlic, they need nothing, no ketchup, no bbq sauce, no salt, no fork, no nothing. Just you and your hunger pains. Throw a milkshake in if you want to go all the way big. I settled for water, gotta throw the diet in there somewhere right? If you thought that was enough, check out the menu. Chip’s also offers sandwiches, salads, spuds and tex-mex. I say go for the beef! The plate sizes are massive, depending on what you get and well worth the money. My meal was $17 of fill-tastic feel-goodness. You can’t get this at your local Burger King or Wendy’s. This ain’t that type of patty!

The Service:

The staff here is very friendly and always offering assistance with a smile. Everything is pretty self- serve besides the actual plate coming to your table. You get your own drinks and condiments. The kitchen delivery to table is pretty fast and the dining area is kept clean. The line does get long as there is only one cashier for order taking. However, I recommend you wait, at least once. If you’re ever in Plano, be sure to hit Chip’s for Burger Madness! PS, wear your loose pants.

What's your favorite topping on a burger? What's the secret ingredient that makes a good burger for you? Tell us below!

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