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Dalessandro’s Steaks 📍Philadelphia, PA

Updated: Oct 10, 2018

Dalessandro’s is a local cheesesteak counter joint off the beaten path, just outside the touristy Philadelphia City Center, in the Roxborough neighborhood. Not many tourists know about it but it’s a local favorite for sure. When you come to Philly, you can’t taste the culture without trying the cheesesteak.

The Atmosphere

Dalessandro’s is a small, old school, mom and pop cornerstore vibe. It has a few bar stools and a long counter designed to hold several hungry patrons. The big kitchen grill greets you as soon as you walk in. The grill constantly piled up with pounds of meat, gets your taste buds going before even looking at the menu. The friendly locals are always willing to advise a good sandwich or 2, but who needs advisement here? Get the cheesesteak!

The Food

Cheesesteaks are made from all cuts of meat but rib eye is the only cut of meat used here. It’s fresh cut, no additives, seasoned only to order. The meat is high quality, finely chopped, soaking up all the delicious flavors of cheese and onions, the Classic Cheesesteak. You can also order pizza style with homemade marinara spread overtop the tenderized meat, or even the famous mushroom steak. I haven’t had it but the owners swear by it. Every sandwich here is blended perfectly, to have that juicy meaty cheesesteak outcome. I’m sure you’re thinking, is it enough meat? YES! The meat to cheese to bread ratio is solid. I usually can’t finish a whole sandwich in one sitting, and I’m a foodie! While most cheesesteak joints give you the traditional meat and cheese sandwich, Dalessandro’s gives you the freedom to add several extras to customize your steak. The counter hosts a long line of various peppers, from mild to really hot, that you can add to your cheesesteak. The bread roll is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, cooked by a local bakery and delivered several times throughout the day. Dalessandro’s offers more than just cheesesteak. You also have a choice of 10+ hoagies or burgers, depending on your mood. However, if you have never had a cheesesteak here, that’s the only option.

The Service

For this restaurant to be overcrowded and underseated, you may expect a long wait and rude, “get you out the door” type staff. Nope! It’s speedy service, friendly faces and cheap prices make the long line all worth it, even if you had to park and walk a few blocks. You’re gonna need to walk off this meaty taste of heaven anyways! Next time you’re in Philly, get out the hustle and bustle, try Dalessandro’s!

Have you tried Dalessandro's? What's your favorite sandwich? Tell us below!

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