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Best Travel Apps

Updated: Dec 7, 2018

Money Saving Travel Apps for avid travellers

Everybody likes to save money, no matter what tax bracket. Let's be serious, the more you save, the more you see! In this case, the more wallet friendly your app collection, the more you can do and see when you travel. Here's my top 12 apps to have when travelling on and off your budget. All apps listed are free!!

Hopper (Flight Finder)

Working with a flexible schedule? Wanna know the cheapest month to travel to that specific destination? Wish you could watch a flight like it's on ebay? Well, this cute little bunny rabbit has you covered. Hopper is a flight search engine that identifies the cheapest days to fly and also uses historical data to provide price prediction on whether prices are likely to go up or down in the near future. The Hopper even alerts you automatically if fares decrease on your requested route.

Skyscanner (Flight Finder)

Skyscanner is a flight search engine, technically called a travel fare aggregator website. You can book flights, hotels and cars for your next trip. They provide a 'Good to Know' section that gives you specific requirements in regards to the selected flight such as check in requirements and visa requirements.

Skiplagged (Flight Finder)

Save up to 80% on Flights! Skiplagged is an airfare search engine showing hidden-city ticketing trips. Using this app, you can find flights that save you money by getting off at the layover, rather than the final destination. For example, you are flying from LAX to DCA but those flights cost $400 online. Well, Skiplagged may show you a similar flight from LAX to DEN with a layover in DCA for $200, WINNING!! Pack a carry on only, get off and stay off in DCA.

Airbnb (Accommodation Finder)

Airbnb is used to find 'homey' accommodations. People lease or rent short-term lodging including holiday cottages, vacation rentals, apartments, condos, tiny homes, hostel beds, shared spaces and entire homes. You can also use this app to find experiences and restaurants across the globe. My Recommendation: Always Pick a location with reviews and READ THEM!

Booking.com (Hotel Finder)

My go to Hotel Finder. This app allows you to book now and pay later, with several free cancellation options. You can also search low season deal finders with their flexible travel calendar. Pick a month, location and duration and Booking will provide options within your requested ranges. If you use this app/site often, you become a Genius member and get even more Exclusive travel benefit options and discounts. Get it Now!

Hotel Tonight (Hotel Finder)

This app is known for booking last minute hotel stays but they have added a new feature where you can book up to 100 days in advance in many popular big city locations like NYC, LA, London and more. When hotels have unsold rooms, they upload them here and you get to capitalize on those unbeatable rates. Sometimes their low rates will shock you and have you whipping out your CC before you check the location. Be careful with your impulsive choice, these bookings are non-refundable.

HostelWorld (Bed Finder)

HostelWorld is a hostel booking platform for cheap beds in a shared room in the heart of the action or the burbs, across 170+ countries. You can read millions of reviews and guarantee a reservation with no booking fees. They offer 24/7 customer service, available in 19 languages. If anything goes wrong with your booking details after you've booked, they credit you $50 for future bookings with them. Cha-Ching!

Turo (Private Car Rentals)

Car Rental marketplace where local private car owners rent out their vehicles. Sign Up, pick the car and book it. Most owners offer delivery so they will bring it to you. Just show them your license, inspect the vehicle for those mysterious things people always say happens to the car after you've rented it, and grab the keys. You are now on your way to stunting in that highly instagrammable droptop 2018 BMW 6 series convertible.

Uber (Find a Ride)

Uber is a cheap, location based ridesharing service that seems to be available just about everywhere. Are you lost, full, tired of walking and ready to get back to your hotel? Turn on your GPS, enter your destination and search. Uber will provide several affordable options to get you there depending on preference of service. Economy is the cheapest (UberX, UberPool & UberXL). Premium is when you feeling fancy or riding big, for those "i only sit on leather seats with my Gucci frames on" days (UberBlack, Select & SUV). Finally UberEats, they bring the food to your front door for the low. Read about it in the Tips & Tricks Section under 'Date Night In'! Uber is cash free so you will need to link your credit card in advance.

TripAdvisor (Ratings & Reviews)

Read reviews from travelers all over the world to find the top places to visit, best places to eat, how to get around and fun things to do when you’re on vacation. You can also use it to compare hotel prices and make restaurant reservations. This app/site is user generated so all the posts and comments are supposed to be 100% legit. You can likely find answers here to those weird questions you've had about a particular destination, before going.

Visit A City (Planning Guide)

Personal planning guide with info about 3500+ destinations. You select or search for a city and the app will kickback a local map with local tours, museum tickets, city passes, airport transfers, transportation options and so much more. You can also build an itinerary, read reviews, buy tickets, all within the app itself. They even offer expert created travel guides to fit any trip style within your destination.

TripIt (For The People)

Used to create a detailed master itinerary for every trip. If you are a person who just books, goes, then forgets, use this! Just forward all your confirmation emails to plans@tripit.com and they will automagically build your detailed master itinerary for you, sending you the daily itinerary with important dates, times, and confirmation numbers, plus directions, maps, weather, and more.

  • I always recommend some type of offline navigation app. The most anxious moment when travelling can come when you're stuck somewhere with no internet service, no sense of direction, and surrounded by a bunch of people who don't speak your language.


Do you have any apps you can't live without when travelling? Share them with your fellow travel community in the comments below. Each One Teach One!

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