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Free Things to Do on Any Trip

A lot of people tend to believe you need a boatload of money to enjoy a vacation. When they start planning a weekend getaway, they expect they will need approximately $2000+ to go a few states/countries away. $500 for flights, $500 for hotel, $500 for food and $500 for activities, in other words, BALLIN!!!! HAHA! Are you one of those people?If so, I'm glad you're here because I'm about to turn your world upside down. If you've been trippin with me for a while, you know I will show you how to ball out on a budget. Check out these FREE quick fixes to help you get out and experience the funnest, cheapest, free-est trip you've never imagined 🎉


Every major city boasts at least 1 museum. If you’re into artifacts and objects of culture, religion and/or history, you can definitely spend an entire day exploring the area learning something new. You’ll likely come out feeling just a tad bit more sophisticated, at least I do! Many cities offer free admission or specific ‘free museum entry’ days. Be sure to check and plan ahead to explore the free-est options.


Most city parks are often open to the public sun up to sun down and offer free, clean, relaxing environments to hangout, cookout, picnic, bicycle along the trails, get your hike or morning walk in, bring the dog or just people watch. If you like a chill day thrown somewhere in your vacation, put on your running shoes and take your favorite book and fluffy blanket to the nearest park, everything else is done for you.


Everyone needs a good dose of Vitamin Sea! What more can you enjoy on vacation besides sandy bikini bottoms, salty hair and slippery flip flops? Well, when you put it like that, probably EVERYTHING!! Lol Nevertheless, the beach is always a great place to tan, socialize, swim freely and think about nothing. Bring your oversized towel or beach chair and pick a spot. After all, you can wash you, your sandy bottoms and your hair, but you can’t always come to the beach and play with the fishies! (Sidebar: I did not know how many fish were in the ocean and I randomly ran up out of there when I looked down and saw a swarm of them) NO THANK YOU Mr.Goldfish and Squad. HAHAHAHA!! Cheers to the water babies!

Outdoor Festivals/Parades

Many cities offer free outdoor entertainment all year long. You can usually find major, well-known festivals, parades and local concerts or events of your liking. Some may be featuring local creative souls like musicians, artists and dancers while others may be food festivals or parades symbolizing personal beliefs or cultural traditions. Check with your hotel front desk, Airbnb host or eventbrite. They usually know the “what’s happening and where” in the city.

Walking Tours

I hope you brought your running shoes! This is a great way to explore for the low low. As long as you’re in a safe, populated area, this is usually the best way to get around without the help of those paid, organized (yet often unorganized) city tours. Grab a map, mark off places that interest you and create a route. Go!! Remember the Mapquest days back in the day? Lol Nevertheless, if you prefer to have no responsibility and would love the assistance of a guide, you can look into the free walking tours the city offers. They are usually ran on a ‘pay whatever you think it’s worth’ kind of basis. This option usually gives you a freelance tour guide to lead you at no cost. You get to sightsee the major landmarks and potentially tailor the tour to your liking. Tell them what you’re interested in and let them lead the way. I always recommend tipping for value at the end, as you would at a restaurant or anywhere else that provides good service. It pays the local people to remain great and teach you more!

Did you learn something? That $2000 isn't so necessary anymore huh? Do you look for free activities to enjoy while traveling? If so, what's your favorite?

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