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Keke's Breakfast Cafe 📍Orlando, FL

Keke, Do You Love Me?

The Atmosphere:

Keke’s is a casual, down home diner with several locations in Florida. The colors are homey, not too bright, lights dim, very comfy booth seating with a few tables and clean cozy decor. You are greeted by big warm smiles as soon as you enter the establishment.

The Food:

Among the many calorie counted menu options, every plate I saw that came out that kitchen came with pretty large portions. The omelets looked adult size only and the stuffed French toast looked like you would go to heaven as you ate. The pancakes and waffles also looked amazing but I am a french toast animal so that’s normally my go-to for the first time, especially when I’m craving syrup, not stuffed though! However, if there was an all 3 plate option, I probably would’ve tried it to show my interest and love for breakfast (greed), so what?!? The French toast was thick, fluffy and browned to perfection. Came in 2 hefty slices, sprinkled with powdered sugar and cinnamon, alongside some amazing in-house syrup, you can taste the maple. In order to break up the meal (and heal your stomach pains), you always need more than just a bread item. I chose the ‘create your own combo’ so it came with a standard side and meat. My choices were scrambled eggs with white American cheese and turkey sausage. Both of these items were good, pretty standard, the cheese was slightly more flavorful that I thought it would be though. Maybe I’m too used to yellow American. BLAH! I also tried my neighbor’s home fries (fried red skin potatoes) as they would have it no other way. Those potatoes were bomb. I don’t normally go for fried potatoes at breakfast because no one can make them like Grandma, but Keke’s grandma is clearly in the kitchen! You know I’m always down to eat with Grandma! The potatoes were well seasoned and fried crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. You could hear the snap. I probably should’ve ordered this too but I couldn’t manage anything else. Top it off, the budget, all this for about $13. YESSSSS!

The Service:

Upon entering, I was immediately seated, given a menu and a complimentary glass of water, without asking. A1 already! The attentive staff provided excellent service and made sure all food was freshly made to order and accurate. She walked by a few times just to make sure she was available if I needed anything. I love a good server who pays attention to their customers. There was no wait time but I’ve heard it gets busy on weekends. Worth the wait! If I lived in Florida, I would be back tomorrow and everyday thereafter until I tasted the full menu!

Looking for a great a breakfast fix other than the typical fast food joint when visiting Disney? Have you tried Keke's? Tell us what you liked best!

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