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Lee's Fried Chicken & Donuts 📍Houston, TX

Updated: May 6, 2018

Have you ever heard of a donut shop that serves chicken, and baked beans, and cole slaw, and bacon jalapeno cream gravy? What a combination right? Who created this idea? Well, they’re a genius. If you watch all the food network specials, you always hear the love and hate of combination sweet and savory dishes. This place provides all the love with nothing to hate, besides the wait and requirement to leave once closed.

The Atmosphere:

Small, cozy, boutique type donut shop in The Heights area of Houston, right outside of downtown. They keep a clean and open cooking area, few tables and a window bar with a few seats facing the outdoors. Individual bathrooms available for both men and women, just in case you’re lactose in tolerant! Branded with golden yellow decoration and a one lane drive thru, for those of us who don’t want to be seen ordering 8 too many (Order 8, Thank me later)

The Food:

OH EM GEE! The Donuts! The fluffiest, pillowiest, freshest donuts on this side of town. They bake them fresh, several times a day, and some fresh to order. You can get flavors from blueberry cake or praline & bacon with toppings from froot loops cereal, caramel drizzle, lemon glaze, chocolate pecans, diced strawberries, and so much more. Don’t stop there, they sell chicken. You can order fried, bone-in chicken or chicken tenders in a meal or by the piece. But I recommend you get creative. Lee’s offers donut chicken sandwiches. Let me repeat, donut chicken sandwiches. Some genius, dedicated to expanding my waistline, created the Double Donut Fried Chicken Sandwich, 2 tenders (preferably Htown Hot Tenders-spicy version) between 2 Glazed Donuts with your choice of sauce. This sandwich is to die for, literally, I will consider stepping out in traffic if it’s posted up across the street. Please go try a donut or 3, just don’t step out in traffic for it, I don’t have life insurance on my readers. Sorry!

The Service:

The customer service here is always great! They greet you upon entry into the restaurant or drive thru. The entire staff is dedicated to the expansion of your waistline. The cashier always gives you a few seconds after placing your order, to make sure your done placing your order, aka, time to add that standard glazed donut you see coming fresh out the oven. My recommendation: just order, pay and go! Your wallet will hate you if you don’t!

Have you tried Lee’s? How was your experience? What’s your favorite donut? Tell us about it! I can always use new recommendations…

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