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Matt's Bar & Grill 📍Minneapolis, MN

Okay so when you hear a celebrity or famous person ate somewhere and loved it, does it make you wanna try it? Depending on the person, I may or may not make it a point to get there. However, when Barack Obama and Andrew Zimmerman visited a restaurant and raved about the amazing flavors and quality of service, believe, I am on the way. My president and Andrew Zimmerman can do no wrong! That was one of the reasons I chose Matt’s as a must-try destination when visiting Minneapolis. The other was that they had amazing reviews and were locally recommended.

The Atmosphere

Matt’s is a small hamburger joint in the working class neighborhood of Powderhorn Park in South Minneapolis, MN. It’s small down home dive bar with limited seating, welcoming you from the corner store entrance. It looks like a corner liquor store at first glance. Upon entry, you smell the beef, see the family and smile at the number of happy patrons in this tiny establishment. Think to self “this place looks like it tastes good”. The walls are filled with photos of several high profile customers who turned down this beaten path to check out Matt’s. The restrooms are sketchy, ducked off in the basement and the space is quite close knit, tight quarters so prepare to say hey to your neighbor. Matt’s is a no frills, no ice (literally, no ice), no card (cash only) dive bar.

The Food

The Jucy Lucy, a Minneapolis classic! This delicious, cheese filled beef patty made my trip worth the while. The meat is seasoned perfectly, grilled to your liking and stuffed with several cheeses. Each sandwich comes with a warning against blistering temperatures from the melted core. It is recommend that you cut into the burger or give it some time to cool before biting. Once the knife cuts threw the juicy patty, you will see the liquid gold ooze out the middle and arouse all the senses of smell, taste, and sight. It squirts out the center and covers the beef and toasted bun. Get your fingers ready! No condiments are required for this burger as the sandwich speaks for itself. If you want anything additional, order the fries. They come in trays big enough to share and crispy enough to taste the oil, potato and salt and pepper. The menu is limited and options are few. Don’t think about requesting honey mustard or ranch, not happening, ketchup and mustard only!

The Service

Matt’s takes a LONNNNG time. The wait is almost unbearable when your stomach is turning over to the smell of this juicy, meaty, cheesy patty. However, the staff is friendly and the atmosphere is so homey that you start to relax and watch TV like your waiting for your mom to finally be finished with dinner. On certain days, the line is out the door as the establishment is pretty small. Nevertheless, once you finally order and get your food, I guarantee it is worth the wait. I would recommend this place 10 times over! Just come before you start starving so it won’t feel so bad.

Have you tried the Authentic cheese filled burger, the Jucy Lucy? How would you rate this sandwich along side other burger with the cheese on top?

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