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Tee's City Review: 📍Los Angeles, CA

Updated: May 23, 2018

Depending on your cultured diversity in music, you may be familiar with the lyrics “it don’t rain in Southern California” or “seems it never rains in Southern California”. Well guess what? That’s a lie! It does, and it gets cold. So HA! For my most recent trip to Cali, I decided to be a wishful wanderer and take the plunge to explore LA for Valentine’s Day 2018. For starters, it was cold. I was unprepared and outside in short sleeves and capris when I stepped off the airport shuttle, almost froze to death. Needless to say, I headed to my first stop, food (Juicy Wingz, we will discuss later). That warmed me up and helped me thaw out as I waited for check in at my hotel. I used the Flyaway Shuttle bus from LAX airport to Hollywood, CA. I highly recommend this transportation option. It’s $8 one-way and can be purchased online or on the bus, No Cash Accepted! That uber ride would’ve been about $25-30 one-way using the uber pool option, don’t even ask about a taxi. No Thanks!


Now, juicy wingz! This place was on my go-to list but I didn’t know how close the bus would drop off to it and I had no plans on walking far with luggage. Well, lucky me, it was literally right across the street from the bus dropoff at Vine and Hollywood Blvd. This colorful carryout with it’s massive menu and flavorsome, spicy, aromatic fumes coming out the doors, was undeniable. They sell salads, burgers, sandwiches and most importantly, Wingz!! 10+ flavors to choose from, 10+ options of how many for each sauce, just fattening heaven. The wings were deep fried and coated perfectly in the sauces of my choice, complemented with house cut fries and a milkshake. Glory to the Food Gods! They are open until 3am. When hungry late night in Hollywood, check this place out!

When planning vacation, the hotel location is as important as food (priority on my list). Therefore, I chose the Hollywood area. I recommend this location if you want to do the

celebrity star studded activities or hit Universal Studios or walk/stunt down Sunset Blvd. There are also several affordable restaurants, nightclubs and museums in this area. I booked the Motel 6 on Hollywood Blvd (yeah I know, you’re thinking the cheap, rundown, prostitution filled residence, but nahh). I paid $250 for 3 nights using the hotels.com app. I was on a quiet side street, 5min walk from the walk of fame, 10min walk from a grocery market and a 7eleven, near all the bright lights, great drinks/drunks, and good food. The location was perfect! It was walking distance to several attractions of interest to me for vacation purposes. I wanted to shop at Hollywood & Highland, visit Madame Tussauds, see the Hollywood sign, run at the Runyon Canyon and eat at about 20 places on my list, all within 4 days (semi-accomplished). It’s very safe at night for any level of traveler, solo, couple or group. The hotel itself was very clean, cheap and exceptional in the customer service department. I would definitely recommend this hotel for the budget traveler interested in exploring Hollywood. Funny story: Met some people staying at an airbnb apt right across the street from me. They paid $550 for 3 nights, with a Motel 6 as their view. HAHA!! Do your research!

As you can see, Los Angeles, the city of angels and contestants for who wants to be a millionaire, can still be done on a budget. Bring your walking shoes, camera, good phone with internet and a little cash and you’ll be just fine.

My Recommendations Below:

LA is probably my 3rd favorite US city. Where does it rank on your list of must-see, must-do places? Have you been? What area do you like to stay in? What is your fave place to eat there?

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