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My Favorite Holiday Eats & Treats

Are you one of those people who wait all year for turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing and a grand pie, cake or other unhealthy dessert? I am! However, I only crave a few things as a must have to enjoy my holiday eating. As long as I have these options on the table for the holidays, I am good to go!

Deviled Eggs

For the longest time I could not make these things to save my life. I literally made up events and reasons to cook out with the family so my aunt could bring her infamous deviled eggs. Well guess what Jack? Your girl can make deviled eggs now! And I’m a beast at it! Throw me the eggs, mayo, mustard, relish and my secret ingredient and you’re toast! I make deviled eggs for every occasion and periodically try a new recipe just because. There is no way I’m enjoying a holiday dinner without deviled eggs.

Macaroni & Cheese

So this is not only my favorite holiday food, but my favorite food period. I will literally fight you for my macaroni and cheese. Well, probably not fight but…. Yeah I’ll fight! The chef Gods are working on me. Anyways, this dish has to be just right for me to enjoy it. I’ve tried several different recipes and quite a few make the list. There is no one perfect way to make mac. However, I WILL NOT eat your macaroni and cheese if the act of removing from the pan does not require a spatula, oversized spoon or some random kitchen utensil. I WILL NOT eat your macaroni and cheese if it does not look ooey, gooey, cheesy and creamy. I WILL NOT eat your macaroni and cheese if the noodles are some weird shape because you took the fancy route. And for the finale, I WILL NOT eat your macaroni and cheese if the first bite sucks. I’m bound to try anything once! Please please please, make macaroni and cheese from your heart and your foot. Think about those stomps of praise on Sunday morning or that comfort and warming sensation when you sit at Grandma’s table. Make your macaroni and cheese with that type of love!

The Turkey

Look, I do not like cooking turkey AT ALL. The thing is too big and just too much. If you ask me, we can all eat turkey chops and be fine. However, I and everyone else would likely be super mad. Therefore, I always break out the cute baby face and 3 yr old begging voice to get someone to make me a turkey. Some years I get lucky, other years it’s an Epic Fail. Needless to say, I sometimes end up making my own turkey. I love to create and rub a crust on the outside to give it that extra kick and punch of flavor. I usually make the rub with some of my favorite ingredients already at home. Throw together some butter, minced garlic, parsley, basil, dash of seasoning salt, old bay, some random spice (cayenne or cajun seasoning) and chicken broth. Mix it all up and rub (brush, for the boujee folk) the outside of the turkey. I don’t generally stuff my turkey with stuffing because I love stuffing as well, so I make a whole separate pan for that! Instead, I just stuff my turkey with raw vegetables to let it marinade into the skin while it cooks. Try it sometime! May make you reconsider those turkey chop ideas. LOL

Hot Chocolate

This section is usually replaced with wine. However, on holidays, I enjoy indulging in the most comfortable warming drinks. I strongly dislike eggnog but hot chocolate gives me the feels, especially the snickerdoodle hot chocolate from Starbucks. When I’m not in the mood to make the trip, the Nestle Rich and Creamy Milk Chocolate and the Ghirardelli Double Chocolate Hot Cocoa are my faves. They make any setting cozy and warm with the finest flavors of chocolate!

The Sweet Treats

Okay so I enjoy baking fresh cookies and all, but I have a question, do you remember those cookies that used to sit in the blue tin can on Grandma’s table ALL winter long? As a child nobody liked them and everybody just opened the can, took out 1 stack of the sugar cookies or the chocolate covered cookies and left the rest? Well, years later, I had one and loved it. I went to the store to find a bag with just that 1 cookie type and came out with the Pepperidge Farm Chessmen Butter cookies, I thought it was the closest thing to it, worth a try. Welp, they were similar but better, waaay better! Now I buy a few bags every holiday and eat myself into cookie coma. And don’t let me catch a sale, it gets bad. I have to hide them from myself. These are the greatest holiday cookies ever. Where have we been?

A Recipe has No Soul, You as the Cook, Must Bring Soul to the Recipe

What are some of your favorite holiday eats and treats? Share those good recipes below!

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