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Restaurant Week in Your City

Updated: May 6, 2018

How to Strategize your Stomach and your Wallet

Hey Foodie! If you're anything like me, you love to eat out but hate to pay the price. Dining out is always so enticing to your taste buds but not so much to your wallet.

Good Food is Good Mood

Guess What? America has made space for people like us! Restaurants have intentionally dedicated a week or more to Foodie Nation, across the states. We Made It! This dedication is nominated as 'Restaurant Week'.

'Restaurant Week' is a time where cities highlight the diversity of their culinary culture and showcase their finest cuisine during a specified time period. The participating restaurants offer three-course prix-fixe menus for brunch, lunch and dinner throughout the city, at a set price. No Membership Necessary! If you are the type who prefers spending your $150 on a bill rather than a single dinner, we are the same! You should strongly consider taking this opportunity to taste-test the fanciest, most expensive, high class, high-end restaurants you can, while on sale.


You'll be overwhelmed by the amount of mouth-watering options available to your palate and wallet alike. There is truly something for everybody! Cuisines reflect cultures and creatives from every type including American, Asian, Italian, Mediterranean, Thai, French, Mexican, Middle Eastern, Japanese and sooo much more. Take this time to try something new!


Google your city and grab your pen and paper. Some menus will be long and broad, while others, short and sweet. Nevertheless, it will surely have something you've always wanted but never tried. Take this opportunity to visit that steakhouse you heard about that was only affordable during happy hour, order the filet mignon. Usually if you can't pronounce it, you don't need it, doesn't apply this week! Be sure to also look for that seafood place your coworkers talk about but you see no sense in attending to pay $60+ for lobster tails and king crab, to still be hungry. Write it down, you're going this week. You will experience that succulent, juicy, cajun seasoned lobster dipped in softened whole fat butter, served by the Chef Gods. When they ask if you want bread/rolls, kindly accept. Go Big or Go Home! No simple protein this week. Order the lambs, ducks, steaks, tartares, veals, caviar, alligator nuggets, the works. Enjoy this belt-busting moment. It only comes once a year!

I Don't Ever Want to Look Back & Think, I could've eaten that

BONUS PLAY: If you know someone who is celebrating a birthday or special occasion during Restaurant Week and you planned to indulge anyways, volunteer a reservation. Take them on a foodie experience of a lifetime. After all, you are saving big bucks to place that tempting, unexpected dish in front of them, but who needs to know!


Google your City, Create a List, Make Reservations, Put on Your Loose Pants, Go!

What cities Restaurant Weeks have you experienced and loved? Tell us about it in the comments below. We all wanna eat!

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