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Sweet Treats: Washington, DC

Yeah I know, we’ve all been enjoying this Hot Girl/City Boy Summer. No way to love yourself without being shaped, toned and ripped right? NEGATIVE!! I gave summer everything I had then took what I wanted, ice cream and donuts included (don’t judge me). I made a quick trip to DC and would not leave without making a pit stop at some of the best fan-favorite places. If you have diabetes and the internet plays a great role in your success and/or failure, I advise you to exit stage left right now, just hit the ‘x’ in the top right corner because it’s about to get sweeeet.

Insomnia Cookies

(Adams Morgan, DC)

One of the best cookie shops in the area. The pungent chocolatey smell of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies hits you as soon as you open the door. All the flavors are undeniably overpowering, whether you like them or not, you’ll be eager to indulge. The Oatmeal Raisin and Snickerdoodle are my favorites, alongside the chocolate chip brownie, warmed up. However, the Double Chocolate Mint and Triple Chocolate Chunk are fan favorites, both worth trying if you’re in a chocolatey mood. They also have a few ice cream flavors to make the Diabetic’s nightmare, the ice cream cookie sandwich. This spot is open late night, until about 3am. Who said you can’t get baked after the club? 👀

Here’s the Scoop

(Howard University Neighborhood)

Boutique style Black-Woman-Owned Ice Cream shop consistently selling out of premium hand-dipped ice cream, milkshakes, cakes and cookies. The owner is a DC native who wanted to bring “a happy place” to the neighborhood. The customer service greets you at the door. Inside the Scoop parlor, several local baker’s baked goods are also showcased in the front display case to promote unity and support amongst the community, in addition to creative flavors and sweet treats. The ice cream is creamy and fresh, cakes fluffy and moist and cookies baked fresh daily. I do recommend trying what you normally would and something new. Who only goes for Vanilla when Southern Peach or Campfire S'mores are options? Don’t be boring! Around DC, the ‘Banana Split’ is the most recommend item on the menu. So what’s your scoop? 👀

District Doughnut

(Several locations in DC)

Cute doughnut bakery specializing in hand-crafted, gourmet doughnuts. You remember the day when you tried your favorite food for the first time and it melted in your mouth? That’s what this doughnut gives you. District Doughnut was voted ‘Best Doughnuts in Washington, DC’ and they stand up to the title every time. From the Marble Strawberry Glaze and Caramel Apple Streusel to the Everything Cream Cheese and Sweet Potato Pie, they all taste like their names, but better. What's your flavor? 👀

Next time you're in the District, know, there's more to the city than the White House and the Washington Monument. You must try some of the best desserts around, thank me later! By the way, skip the White House visit, i'm just saying!

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