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Tips for Dinner Date Night In

Whether married or dating, date night is an important bond builder in laying a foundation in relationships, but sometimes life gets in the way. That late afternoon meeting that ran over 3 hrs or the feeling of emptiness in your wallet are common reasons date night gets cancelled. It doesn’t have to be that way! You can enjoy the same time and foodie adventures indoors. Home always means comfort, to you and your wallet.

Order to-go from your favorite restaurant and pick up the food. No delivery charge and no tip required. For example, at Olive Garden you might be able to order pasta, with soup or salad and a glass of wine, for $25 plus tax and tip. However, if you order that same pasta by itself as a takeout order, you could pay as little as $13 with tax. When you get the food home, toss your own salad (literally)


If you reside or get hungry in a big metropolitan city, they likely have options like Grubhub, Doordash and/or UberEats that provide a food delivery service at little to no charge if you catch a promotion. You log onto their mobile app, enter your address, find food you love from local restaurants, order, and wait. Whichever service you choose will send a driver, with food in hand, to your doorstep. Tip is always recommended. Let’s be honest, you’re already saving!

You can also download online recipes and cook together. What a better way to bond then over broken eggs, greasy countertops and a heavy handed meat seasoner. This gives you the option to get creative, try those ingredients that you bought on clearance but haven’t used yet. Experiment with a completely new recipe. This is definitely a conversation piece once over.

Have an indoor picnic. Grab your comfiest blanket and pillows and set up shop in the living room. Get a cheap food tray from the dollar store to hold your dinner. You can even set the mood with low lights, lit candles, fresh flowers and your favorite takeout. If you’re feeling fancy, cozy up next to the fireplace, feel that restaurant mood.

Drink Wine! A lot of wine drinkers fancy their specific, maybe expensive wine. However, there are several cheap wine options, white and red, that pair well with any dinner selection and cater to the palette just like that $80 bottle. When you don’t want to break the budget but still want a great wine time, go for smooth, cheap wine, add some grapes to the glass for perfection. Moscato, Cabernet Sauvignon or Rose. Always keep a bottle of wine in the fridge for special occasions, even if the special occasion is that you have a bottle of wine in the fridge.


What is your favorite way to save money and have a dinner date night at home?

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