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Tricks to Free Cancellation

Have you ever booked a hotel, reserved a rental car or made reservations at a restaurant that offers free cancellation up until a certain day? You book early when prices are low and options are available and then boom, plans change at the last minute and you missed the free cancellation deadline? Now you feel stuck like chuck 🙄 Many times you can still make changes to the reservation free of charge, you just can’t cancel. So, in instances like this, instead of losing out on your money or threatening customer service because they won’t let you cancel due to your irresponsible memory (whose judging), make it easy on yourself.

Change the reservation date

If you’re looking to cancel anyways, that means you don’t plan on going at the scheduled date and time right? So, call the hotel, restaurant or customer service wherever you booked and ask to move the reservation date to a few weeks out (in a new ‘free cancellation’ window). Afterwards, call back, speak to another representative and cancel. This time it will be free because you are cancelling a reservation a few weeks away rather than a reservation for tomorrow. You’re Welcome 🙂

Consider Roomer

This online marketplace was created for travelers to buy and sell hotel reservations. Just like reselling sports tickets or show seats, you can resell your hotel reservation. It is recommended to cut the cost so it can sell. This is beneficial in cases where you cannot cancel or edit your reservation once the cancellation period has passed. You may only recoup half the price you paid but something is better than nothing right? On the bright side, you’re also providing someone else with accommodations at a reduced price. We can all use some help sometimes. Teamwork makes the Dream Work!

My Personal Tip:

Set a reminder in your phone, buy a planner (AND USE IT) or make a note on your work calendar whenever you make reservations. Don’t let it creep up on you and ruin your bank account. It costs less to take a few seconds and mark it in your calendar than it does to incur cancellation fees and a headache.

Have you ever lost out on your money because you forgot about a reservation or plans changed last minute? What did you do to prevent yourself from losing out in the future?

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