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Vegan in Vegas

Okay so, how do you stay healthy and maintain your diet when you travel to unfamiliar places? Is it even possible in a place where alcohol is thrown down your throat in abundance? Can you party all night then go eat a salad? I mean, you can but why? It’s Sin City!! Anyways, I spent 4 days in Las Vegas as a pescatarian/flexitarian. I was meat free for 30 days before (to fit into my new cute skirt), and I maintained a meat free diet throughout (to continue to fit into my new cute skirt because it will be worn again). Vegas has some hot commodities on the Vegan menu. To be honest, it’s probably the better options, the food was tastier and the prices were a lot better than anything on the strip. Check these out:

Simply Pure LV

Fresh Pressed Juice Menu at Simply Pure LV

Simple Pure LV is a dope azz plant based restaurant, both Black Owned and Woman Owned by Chef Stacey Dougan, a gourmet vegan chef and nutritionist. Don’t let the titles fool you, she can throw down like your momma! Her menu features raw and cooked vegan meals alongside naturally blended, fresh pressed juices in a small, boutique like setting. When I say these were the BEST Nachos I’ve ever had, Believe me. I mean better than meat nachos, your nachos, your momma nachos, all that! They come with homemade (chef made) cashew cheese, fresh corn chips, vegan protein "beef", vegan cheddar cheese, fresh pico de gallo and sliced avocado. I also had the opportunity to sample a neighbors Grilled Cheese with Pesto and Tomato and it was BOMB. The pesto was fresh, the pepper jack cheese was stringy and the tomato wasn’t sliced too big. You can also order from a large variety of options including lasagna, zucchini pasta, enchiladas, tacos, salads, lettuce wraps, etc… The surrounding store employees rave about this place. Be sure to check it out!

Half-Order Nachos Grande at Simply Pure LV


This feel good community based restaurant has jaw dropping décor and even better food. Everything is cooked with 100% plant based ingredients and really transforms the normally not-so-healthy street foods into vegan, virgin, tasty delights. The menu features dumplings, buffalo cauliflower wings, sliders, spaghetti & meatballs, tacos, pho, chicken sandwiches and more. I had the luxury of trying the Eggplant Poboy with gumbo and the Mac Daddy Burger. Now I will say, these options are less seasoned than I would like but still very good and fresh. Just add a little salt and problem solved. The burger came topped with creamy mac n cheese, collard greens, gochujang bbq sauce and some secret ingredient. SPEECHLESS!! The flavors were great, noodles were cooked well and I forgot it wasn’t real meat. That’s the whole point right? The eggplant po-boy was weird, good, but weird. This was my first time trying eggplant and I’m not all too fond of the texture. Maybe if it was a little more crispy, I’d love it, but for now, it was a solid good meal. I recommend this place for street food cravings, cute gatherings and maybe even date night. The ambience is there!

The Modern Vegan

This minimalist restaurant offers a massive menu of 100+ food options, all vegan, animal free, without compromising taste. From breakfast favorites like Chicken & Waffles and Steak & Eggs, to America’s all time favorite burgers, wings and french fries. I had the Gia Waffles topped with strawberries, bananas, chia seeds, cinnamon and strawberry syrup. These are my 2 favorite fruits combined and the benefits of chia seeds are endless. This dish provides an excellent source of fiber, iron, calcium and Omega-3 fatty acids. It also provides a really good tasting meal without all the added trash. I also had the Fishless Fish Tacos stuffed with slaw, avocado crema and a special sauce. AMAZING!! The tortillas were soft, fish tasted like fish and the slaw had a kick. So good I forgot to take a picture (next time)!

The Gia Waffles at The Modern Vegan

As always, I never stop recommending that we support small business, especially of minority, Woman owned, Black owned, LGBT oriented, etc.. If you can get your diet in while supporting, by all means, make it happen! Vegas is definitely Sin City but you don’t have to neglect your healthy eating habits just to party there. You don’t have to be boring and eat salads everyday just to feel like your meeting your quota. Trust me, I hate a boring meal, IDC how healthy it is, I don’t want it! However, the options are around and will surprisingly save you money. Let’s face it, if you don’t gamble, you don’t want to be spending ALL your money on food right? I almost did! Don’t judge me!

Do you have a hard time maintaining your diet when you travel? I do know Vegan/Vegetarian options can be limited if you don’t find the sources in advance. Research!!

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