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What NOT to Buy at the Airport

1. Bottled Water

Probably the most commonly purchased item in the airport with a high price tag for no reason. It’s best to bring an empty water bottle to fill up upon arrival or quench your thirst at one of the many designated water fountains throughout the airport. If you have no space for a typical water bottle, look into collapsible bottles, easy for airport travel and hiking throughout your destination.

2. Overpriced Food

We all know I support eating good and feeling food drunk. However, airport food prices are excessive and tend to cut into your travel budget. I recommend eating before your flight or bringing food with you. Many people don’t know you can bring food to the airport, YOU CAN! Dry foods and snacks are always the best option. As long as there is no liquid, creamy substances or hungry TSA agents, you should be good to go! Nevertheless, if you will be laying over for an extended stay, your hunger pains will likely kick in. Try to avoid the random restaurants spread throughout and look for the main food court. There, you’ll usually find more reasonably priced options within budget.

3. WiFi

Check your phone plan for a hotspot or look for the nearest Starbucks. If you’re not in the airport for long, take this time to unplug and reminisce about your past travels or plan ahead for future trips! There is no need to waste activity money on a few minutes or hours of wi-fi just to check Instagram and see who ate breakfast for dinner 😂

4. Foreign Currency

Most airport exchange services come with ridiculously high transaction fees because of the convenience and lack of knowledge on the traveler’s behalf. NO!! It’s best to exchange your money at your home bank before travel or at the ATM in your destination. Here, you likely get the best exchange rate, in comparison to other options.

5. Souvenirs

Airport souvenirs are always the standard, locally branded gift shop looking items with a high price tag. It’s almost NEVER a good deal. Avoid those and shop at local businesses within your destination. After all, that mom & pop corner store or that local resident on the street probably needs more support than the international Airport. You’ll likely find more unique pieces and pay a lot lower prices.

6. Cell Phone Accessories

DO NOT FORGET YOUR CHARGER AND DO BRING YOUR HEADPHONES!! These are the 2 most commonly purchased cell phone accessories in the airport. Because they know that, they get you with the high price tag. Nobody can live without their charger right? And who wants to hear screaming babies or 10 conversations in 10 different languages all at once? Please don’t fall victim to the $30 chargers and $25 headphones that may only last you this trip.

Next time you travel, make sure you come prepared. Save more money for travel by sticking to your budget in transit!!

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