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WTF Burger Bar 📍 Cabo San Lucas, MX

Who wants a cheeseburger when their on vacation in another country where they can try a million different foods and flavors? This girl right here, Nationwide Burger Connoisseur! I am a burger fanatic and the reviews and food pictures from this place had me salivating from the United States, weeks before I was to head there. Idc Idc Idc! I told myself, if the resort food is amazing, maybe I won’t try it out. HA! I would not have missed this opportunity either way. Let me tell you why!

The Atmosphere

WTF Burger Bar is an above average burger spot sitting curbside in the marina district, overlooking the water and fascinating passer byers. The seating is outdoors, with an overhead canopy and full service bar. Big warehouse fans keep you cool while the Cabo sun beams off the water and onto your forehead. While waiting, you can take a few steps to the Marina waterfront and watch the boats come in from sail.

The Food

BURGER CENTRAL!! All Burgers are made with imported Wagyu Beef, providing high quality, superior flavor and significant health benefits (I don’t care about healthy for my burger but there you have it). The freshly toasted brioche bun is stamped with the WTF embossed seal to leave nothing to your imagination about WTF is going on here! The meat itself is about ½ lb (No McDonalds here) and comes with any topping you can think of including mushrooms, spinach, blue cheese, buffalo mozzarella, pico de gallo, bacon, homemade chili con carne, onion rings, guacamole, etc.. They have 12+ burger options along with appetizers, sandwiches, tacos, pastas and salads. I just came for the burger! I ordered calamari as the starter to this anxiously anticipated late night fix. It was good but not a large portion so be wary if you are sharing. The Burger, I ordered a Cowboy Chili Cheese with Egg, because, well, who eats a burger without an egg? My not-so-foodie partner ordered the Juicy Lucy so we could share in the experience. I must say, the Cowboy Chili Cheese was amazing but the Juicy Lucy was on the “smack ya momma” level of good. It’s a stuffed double patty with smoked gouda cheese and cheddar, grilled onions, lettuce, tomato, onion strings and the added bonus: fried egg! This burger was cooked medium, to perfection and served alongside perfectly cut and seasoned skinny fries and onion rings. The meat was melt in your mouth good, cheese oozed out of every bite and the onion rings were stacked high enough to blind your opponent. This burger was the best thing I ate in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The prices are quite touristy as you are in the marina. The Cowboy was $18 with fries and the Juicy Lucy was $20 with fries. The total tab was about $65 for 2 people, burger, apps and water. Btw, water is not free in Mexico! Don’t think you’re doing your diet any favors.

The Service

Omar was my server and I normally don’t remember names. He was friendly, competent and knowledgeable about all the options offered on the menu. He told us what Americans preferred vs what Mexicans preferred vs what he preferred. He promised everything would be great and advised on the best choices for app selection. The surrounding staff seemed to be just as friendly, with smiles on their faces as they walked by and greeted us with vacation jokes. This place is very casual serving up signature quality. I recommend WTF Burger Bar anytime you’re in Cabo, whether you want it or not, try it! If you don’t try this place, I don’t know WTF you’re doing!

WTF would make you eat a burger in Cabo? Whatever it is, do it and come back to tell us all about it!

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