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I consider myself a bold pop of color in a black and white world. I am a D[M]V Native, currently residing in Houston, TX. I am a frequent flier and food enthusiast, loving everything Travel, Food and HGTV related, but it must all be colorful and creative. You can buy my heart with love, donuts, fast cars and cheap vacation packages. If i'm not travelling or trying out new restaurants, i'm definitely laid out across the bed watching HGTV, phone in hand, cuddled up with a furry baby or 2.

When it comes to travelling, I've been around but i’m still stuck between a rock and a hard place. I haven’t yet gained the courage to travel solo internationally and I don’t have many friends who will really travel, beyond the talk. You know what they say, “Everybody is down to travel until it’s time to travel”, more like until it’s time to pay.


But with my colorfully expensive imagination, I want to take you on the adventure of a lifetime. How a girl who always ate her heart out and desired to travel the world, turned her creativity, niche for researching and 9-5 job, into a full-time life living experience, on a budget!


As the oldest of 4, I always had to sacrifice my good taste and creative imagination, for the lesser of the best, so my sibs could have it all. Who needs sibs right?! (You mess with them, you mess with me) Anyways, my mom always use to tell me I had champagne taste on a beer budget so I would probably need a job before high school. Who did she think she was? Love You Mom! That same lady didn’t let me work until I was almost done high school. Again, Love You Mom! Anyways, that statement stuck with me and spoke to me when I started making my own money. Obviously retail jobs at 7-9 USD per hour, were not affording me champagne. But I quickly learned, if you research and/or sacrifice something else that you don’t love so much, champagne could easily fit on your menu (College Days were a blur because of this awakening, and it wasn’t from champagne)


The Ultimate goal of this informational, yet overly dramatic at times, source, is to make you, my readers, get up, get out and experience your best life, on any budget. Let’s face it, if you ballin, you’re really just here for ideas right? It’s cool, we see you, there’s room for everybody. But if you’re not, I hope this source can sit you at that same table! *Baller Alert*


We get a couple of moments in this life to be the best we can be! Make that moment last forever. The only promised second is this one. Spend it eating what you like, traveling where you dream of going and surrounding yourself with love! When it’s over, Nobody owes you anything!


Cheers to fattening foods, irresistible vacation plans, preposterous money saving tricks and a neverending story. I now introduce you to, Budget Behavior!

Teelesia Martin


🌟 Life is Tricky Baby, Stay in Your Magic  🌟


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